Asana and Ayurveda for the Summer


Asana and Ayurveda for the Summer
with Nicole Taylor, Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Sunday, July 30th
1:00pm – 3:00pm
$20| $25 drop-in
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Ayurveda teaches us that we all have a unique “nature,” or Ayurvedic constitution, that follows the rhythm of mother nature. Summer is Pitta time, which for Philly means tons of people are walking on Kelly Drive and hiking the Wissahickon, enjoying the sun. This time of year, the elements of water and fire dominate nature both outside and inside of us. When we’re in balance, we feel bright, shiny, and productive. However, as the heat of summer rises, we might start to get overheated and irritable. Want to stay cool? Join Nicole to learn the asana, pranayama, and home remedies you can use to relate to your fire skillfully! Leave with a Pitta balancing take home practice.