Art Opening: Landscapes on the Edge of Abstraction

Landscapes on the Edge of Abstraction:
Knife Paintings by Philip and Deborah Zuchman

Opening reception
Friday, April 5
5:00pm – 8:00pm
A free event

Gallery hours:
Monday – Friday, 5:00pm – 7:30pm
and during other events at Studio 34


Oil on Fabriano, 22X30

Studio 34 is proud to host the work of Deborah and Philip Zuchman for a two-month showing in our Hallway Gallery.

The show, “Landscapes on the Edge of Abstraction: Knife Paintings by Philip and Deborah Zuchman,” features dozens of unseen works from Zuchman Studios. Among these are the late Philip Zuchman’s encaustics—a painting technique made with wax and pigment heated onto the surface. These encaustics were all done from Philip’s imagination and yet look like landscapes of places that one might have visited or would like to visit.

Deborah Zuchman is exhibiting many small oils on board—some done in the studio and others onsite. In addition to these smaller pieces are larger oil paintings on archival and primed paper created by both artists. Phillip’s were done en plein air during a summer’s painting trip to New England, while Deborah’s were created in the studio as an exploration of the fine line between Landscape and Abstraction in art.

All the Zuchmans’ works are for sale at reasonable prices.Deborah is also making available “Effectations,” a book of her paintings with poems by her son, Will, about man’s loneliness and isolation.

You can read more about these West Philadelphia artists on their websites: