7 Session Series: Soulful & Scientific Yoga

with Dr. Rho

Sundays, February 20th – April 3rd
1:30pm – 2:45pm

$25 drop-in fee or $130 package
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Join Dr. Rhoda Moise, PhD, CYT (she/her/li/ella/elle) on the mat for a seven-session Egyptian yoga workshop series to align your mind, body, and spirit using ancient wisdom of the chakra system and scientific understanding of the SPECIES wellness wheel. The ancient chakra system (known as aritu in Egyptian yoga) are the seven main energy centers of the body (i.e., root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, and crown). The modern SPECIES wellness wheel includes seven parts that encompass the complexity of well-being (i.e., social, physical, environmental, career/occupation, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual). By merging both soulful and scientific knowledge, this series comprehensively empowers you to live your healthiest life by helping you to increase awareness of the brain and body connection; decrease depression, stress, and anxiety; cleanse and condition the internal systems; and improve strength and stamina. Each workshop will focus on an integrated aspect of the chakra system and wellness wheel including related breathwork, postures, meditation, and mantras as well as insightful Egyptian mythology (e.g., story of Asar/Osiris, Auset/Isis, Heru/Horus) and theory-driven tools to reach your wellness goals. Participants are encouraged to bring a journal along the journey. Each session will include focus on the following:

2/20: Session 1. Root Chakra and Career/Occupation Wellness: I AM (Stable).Increase your capacity to trust by feeling secure with an intrinsic locus of control.

2/27:Session 2. Sacral Chakra and Emotional Wellness: I FEEL (Pleasure).Create and craft your identity with keen awareness of expression.

3/6: Session 3. Solar Plexus Chakra and Physical Wellness: I DO (Wisely).Manage life’s obstacles with dignity and determination.

3/13: Session 4. Heart Chakra and Social Wellness: I LOVE (Forgiveness).Be compassionate with yourself and share that kindness in community

3/20: Session 5. Throat Chakra and Intellectual Wellness: I TALK (Inspirationally)
Communicate with synergy of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding

3/27: Session 6. Third (1st) Eye Chakra and Environmental Wellness: I SEE (Ancestrally).Activate intuitive senses and harmony with natural law

4/3: Session 7. Crown Chakra and Spiritual Wellness: I UNDERSTAND (Fulfillment)Peace.