About Us

Our Story

In 2006, three longtime West Philly residents came together with their dreams of opening a yoga studio, a community space, and a center for the creative and healing arts.

We spent about six months planning, talking to community members and searching for the right space. We found a 4,000-square-foot space, a bigger-than-expected blank slate in need of a lot of work. With the help of an amazing community, we then spent a year building, painting and preparing. We hosted our very first event — ArtClash’s Fun-A-Day Art Show — in February 2008, a month before we opened. We will forever be grateful to ArtClash for bringing a few hundred people and lots of good energy through our space — it was just what we needed to push through our last month of work and preparation.

In March 2008, we opened our doors with a week of free classes and events and fingers crossed!

Our Mission

To foster wellness and community through the healing and creative arts. We believe:

  • Yoga should be accessible to everyone
  • EveryBODY should feel welcome in class, and we are                                                        responsible for ensuring this
  • Art and music are healing; support your local artists and musicians!
  • Environmental health = personal health
  • Community is invaluable