300-Hour Teacher Training

ART OF YOGA 300-hour Teacher Training: Therapeutic Essentials
Virtual 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training hosted by Studio 34 Yoga

Nya Patrinos, MFA UCSD, ERYT-500, C-IAYT – Lead Instructor

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Credentialed)

April 10th, 2021 – November 14th, 2021: selected weekends
8:00am – 3:30pm (Eastern Time) live instruction Saturdays and Sundays, + 10 hours of independent learning activities

For more information on the Yoga Teacher Training Program, contact Nya at

To register, contact Adrienne at adrienne@studio34yoga.com 

The Art of Yoga: Therapeutic Essential’s 300-hour yoga teacher training is certified by Yoga
Alliance and focuses on classical yoga, therapeutic practices, personal development, social
justice, equity, and excellence in teaching. Our eight-limbed approach to Yoga provides teacher
trainees with the expertise to teach and practice Yoga as a vehicle for total wellness. We
emphasize classes that integrate the complete experience of Yoga including philosophy,
physical practice, breath work, meditation, self-realization, and the alleviation of human

Our teacher trainees learn to teach Yoga classes that are trauma-informed, inspirational,
accessible, exceptional and creative. Collaborative and compassionate communication, knowing
which asanas to instruct based on therapeutic goals, how to assemble a transformative
sequence/class, and the benefits and contraindications of each asana are skills that can be
learned.  Whether you want to teach or not, the Art of Yoga 300-hour Teacher Training will
empower you to practice and/or teach yoga with great confidence and a profound depth of

This training has permission from Yoga Alliance to be entirely on Zoom during the COVID-19


  • 200-hour Teacher Certificate
  • Device (computer of tablet) that supports Zoom

Monthly Time Commitment (April through November)

  • Two weekends, 8:00AM – 3:30PM EST on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Additional 10 hours per month for independent-learning activities

Training Dates (2021)
April 10-11
April 17-18
May 8-9
May 22-23
June 12-13
June 26-27
July 10-11
July 24-25
August 14-15
August 28-29
Sept 11-12
Sept 25-26
Oct 9 -10
Oct 23-24
Nov 13-14

Saturday and Sundays, 8:00am – 3:30pm (Eastern Time) for live instruction
+ 10 hours for independent-learning activities

Reading Assignments

    • American Veda
    • The Autobiography of a Yogi
    • Selections for The Vedas
    • The Bhagavata Purana
    • The Ramayana
    • The Mahabharata
    • The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    • The Upanishads

Topics Covered

    • Chakra Intensive
    • Posture and Postural Assessments
    • Yoga for Elbows, Wrists, Hands, Feet and Ankles
    • Yoga for the Knees and their Neighbors
    • Yoga for Healthy Hips
    • Yoga for a Strong Healthy Core
    • Yoga for Back Care
    • Yogic Strategies for Scoliosis Management
    • Yoga for Neck and Shoulders
    • Face Yoga
    • Emotional Anatomy and the 9 Rasas
    • Yogic Strategies for Resilience and Stress Management
    • Yogic Strategies for Anxiety, Depression and Mood Management
    • Yogic Strategies for Headache and Migraine Prevention and Alleviation
    • Trauma Informed Yoga
    • Accessible Yoga
    • Yoga for Social Justice and Community Healing
    • Decolonizing Yoga and Dismantling Racism
    • Life Purpose Bootcamp
    • Ayurveda and the 5 Elements
    • Solar Yoga and Sun Salutations
    • Lunar Hatha and the Moon Goddesses
    • Yoga and Shamanism
    • Yoga for Creativity
    • Yogic Strategies for Cancer and Auto-Immune Diseases – Prevention and Rehabilitation
    • Yogic Strategies for Heart Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation
    • Yogic Strategies for Alzheimer’s Prevention and Brain Longevity
    • Transformative Yin
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Prana and Pranayama
    • Mantras for Transformation and Self-Care
    • Mandalas, Yantras and Sacred Geometry
    • Meditation and Meditative Asanas
    • Mudra Intensive
    • ​Yoga Nidra and Guided Imagery
    • Archetypal Yoga
    • Yoga Philosophy
    • Yoga Anatomy

Investment (COVID Compassionate Pricing):

$1700 – Pay in Full Pricing (Complete Payment by March 1, 2021)



$2000 – Early Bird Pricing
Deposit of $500 paid by March 1, 2020
6 (six) installments* of $250



$2600 – Full Pricing
Deposit of $500 paid March 2, 2020 or after
6 (six) installments* of $350



*Installments are on automatic withdraw via PayPal end of month (April – September) using
following schedule:
1 – April 30, 2021
2 – May 31, 2021
3- June 30, 2021
4- July 31, 2021
5- August 31, 2021
6- September 30, 2021

*If funds will be unavailable before a scheduled withdrawal, contact Adrienne at
adrienne@studio34yoga.com to make alternate payment arrangements.

For more information on the Yoga Teacher Training Program, contact Nya atnya.patrinos@yahoo.com

To register, contact Adrienne at adrienne@studio34yoga.com

Refund Policy
Refunds will be granted until April 2, 2021 and must be requested in writing by emailing
Adrienne at adrienne@studio34yoga.com. A $250 fee will be applied to refunds requested after April 2, 2021.

Art Fusion Yoga – Teacher Training Faculty


Nya Patrinos, MFA, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, YACEP, is a Certified Yoga Therapist passionate about
yoga and meditation as tools for healing, transformation, equity, and social justice. Nya’s
training is a combination of East and West, she has diplomas in Yoga Therapy from the Ghosh
Yoga College in Kolkata, India, and Kripalu’s School of Integrative Yoga Therapy in
Massachusetts, USA. She is the founder of People of Color Yoga for All Bodies, and co-founder
of Yoga Jubilee an organization whose mission is to amplify BIPOC/POC Voices in Yoga.
Nya has written about Yoga for Healing Race-Based Traumatic Stress in the international
publication Yoga Therapy Today, as well as presented on Yoga for Social Justice and
Community Healing
 at the 2018 International Association Yoga Therapy Conference. Nya has
written the chapter on “Cultivating Resilience and Safety in Yoga Therapy Practice” for the
upcoming book Yoga Therapy Foundations, Tools, and Practice: A Comprehensive Textbook published by Singing Dragon.